SMTP-SendTM The power of e-mail distribution from z/OS and OS/390

Easily integrate e-mail distribution capabilities into your z/OS and OS/390 Batch, TSO and CICS applications


In today's highly competitive business environment information technology is expected to deliver improved service and a competitive advantage by communicating information quickly to customers, suppliers, employees and others. It is no longer acceptable, for example, to print out reports and manually distribute them when you can send them electronically. And since e-mail is not only more flexible than fax, but is now also as ubiquitous as the telephone, people increasingly prefer to receive information in that format.

SMTP-Send lets you easily send information by e-mail directly from existing CICS, TSO and batch processes to recipients on your intranet as well as out on the Internet. Your applications and operations staff can quickly begin mail-enabling your line of business and operations processes from within the 'glass house' without getting lost in arcane protocols such as TCP/IP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, LDAP, MIME, etc. Since all the processing takes place on the z/OS or OS/390 platform you don't need to learn about PC or UNIX based mail systems. Your operations staff can control the processing using familiar tools and procedures.

SMTP-Send is a one-way communications process from z/OS and OS/390 to the outside world. By positioning your mainframe SMTP server behind the corporate firewall you preserve system integrity.

SMTP-Send lets you benefit from new technology and from new ways of doing business while preserving your investments in current systems.





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